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Gill Hicks :: Artist

My passion is using Art as a medium to communicate, to 'speak' without words, 

nor a need for translation.


You, Me, Us

Each piece conveys a message about our shared Humanity and the fascinating contradiction of our anonymity set against our absolute  interdependency. 



I create with the dream that once you have one of my Art pieces hanging on your wall, or you're wearing one of our fabrics, that you will take a moment to contemplate the significance of a life. one person can make a tremendous difference!

our studio in australia

Central Studios - where the magic happens

I am thrilled to be a part of the oldest continuously running studio collective in Australia, Central Studios Inc is a space for artists by artists. 

In addition to nineteen individual studios occupied by diverse creatives, Central Studios awards two six month residencies annually for South Australian artists with the support of the Government of South Australia through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

As a part of our commitment to education and professional development, the studios also present workshops and masterclasses for people of all levels of ability.


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Check in soon to see our new pieces and fabrics, including the Art Kimono range ...November 2020. 


First series 'Who Cares?' - Exploring the stories from the people who work in the fields that make a positive difference to our everyday lives. 

Art Cards ...

Using image to say what words, perhaps can not